Guest Comments

2012 Jan-30
We used this accommodation for attendees at international conference we have organized in Queenscliff. Everyone was really happy with the location, accommodation and an option for all of us to stay together, which was perfect for networking. Anthony was really helpful with all the requests we had. We would like to highly recommend this. Actually, we are using it for our students, who will be visiting Queenscliff for a camp.
2012 Jan-22
Our whole family, which is very large, stayed at this wonderful guesthouse. It feels just like home only you don’t have to wait for the shower in the morning. The kids had a ball and there is plenty of things to keep everyone entertained in Queenscliff. Will happily return for another stay.
2011 Dec-6
The Beacon Foundation’s staff were able to spend a couple of days at Whitehall (which we did 2 years ago). It was a time to celebrate our very busy year and Whitehall gave us the space, comfort and facilities to relax and have some fantastic fun! Thanks for the great time! Would recommend to any work groups!
2011 Nov-30
We took a group of students to Whitehall for our school Camp. The accommodation was fantastic, plenty of space and amenities. I would highly recommend this accommodation to either small or large groups. The owners were very accommodating and friendly.

2011 Sep-21

This is the 3rd time our group has used Whitehall for our annual women’s weekend and it definitely gets better every time. Access to Queenscliff and surrounding areas is so easy and it is setup to guarantee a comfortable and relaxing weekend away. The hospitality and welcoming is a nice surprise and rare to find these days. Fresh linen and flowers added a personal touch. We will be back again as there really isn’t anywhere else that compares particularly for a large group. Thanks Antony


2011 Aug-30


We have just had one of the most memorable weekends with our family and friends for my husband’s 50th. One of the big reasons was the accommodation and how well it worked with a large group. Plenty of – room to move around, Bedrooms (with very clean fresh sheets and linen provided, relaxation areas, Fridges, Ovens (I could keep going). It was very clean and had a great relaxed atmosphere. As we had quite a full house with quite a few questions Antony was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Nothing was too hard for him. Thanks to Antony and his wife Julie for our Fabulous and groovy weekend (Great place for our 60s Theme) Many have asked for it to be an annual event as it worked so well.

2011 Aug-25

Fiona at Coca-Cola Amatil

Whitehall Guesthouse was a great fit for our team conference. There were plenty of rooms for everyone to have their own space, and the bathroom sharing worked out well. The kitchen, balcony and table tennis table seemed to be the focal points for the evening catch ups, with the kitchen getting a huge workout during our MasterChef Challenge. The main room converted into a large conference space, easily big enough for our 24 person group, and we definitely bonded well as a team during our time at Queenscliff. I’ve already recommended Whitehall Guesthouse to a number of employees at CCA and will continue to do so.

2011 Aug-17


Whitehall is the perfect venue for a large weekend gathering. Its layout and furnishings encourage a relaxed environment where children as well as adults can have fun. Innumerable bedrooms means that everyone can find their own space and the industrial kitchen complete with 2 ovens and a fabulous dishwasher, makes cooking for the whole gang easy. We have had two Ozmas weekends (Christmas dinner in winter) there with great success, and will be returning 2012.

2011 Aug-16


Fantastic property for large family & friends – a very memorable catch up with everyone. Would definitely recommend to everyone, and we hope to return one day, for a little longer hopefully!

2011 Jun-1


What a great venue for a large group of people. Great for small kids as well as it is large enough that they can run around and have fun but it’s a very safe environment. But the best feature by far is the commercial dishwasher. It washes a whole load of dishes in a couple of minutes – fantastic! And Queenscliff is a great place to explore.

2011 May-30


Our AFS international student exchange group have stayed at Whitehall for the last 3 years. It is a wonderful facility for families to get together – especially the availability of the commercial kitchen facilities for our international feast on the Saturday night. The full linen service saves a lot of hassle. The meeting rooms are very useful for student briefings and the huge lounge room is great for presentations. Being so close to the Queenscliff town center there is so much to do during the weekend – beach walks, bike rides, shopping or just having a coffee. Everybody has such a relaxing time but active if they want to!

2009 Apr-16


Fantastic venue – we had our joint 40th birthday here with 30 close friends and had a fantastic time – great location, perfect venue and facilities. Will definitely be back.

2009 Feb-22


Best place to have a great relaxing week end with a group of friends

2008 Jul-1


Had a great weekend in a space large enough for individuals to find some peace and quiet. We enjoyed our ; Schoolies for parents; that we have booked again for 2009.

2008 Jun-18


Our group of managers stayed at this property as a team building exercise and loved it. We have stayed at many 5 star venues in the past however found that staying at Whitehall had a unique spin on team and many have commented on how well they were able to bond as a team by staying at this property. Highly recommended to any large group.

2008 Apr-8


Well, what all we can say is it was a wonderful experience. We chose this property for a 50th birthday over a weekend. We had friends and relatives from all over. It was an absolutely ideal way to get everyone together for an extended stay and provided the opportunity to catch up with everyone rather than a fleeting meeting in a one night event. We love to cook and catering was a breeze. We haven’t heard anything other than praise. We look forward to the next time.

2008 Feb-18


Great venue for a big crowd – ample room and great location. Everyone loved it and are very keen to do it again next New Year.

2008 Jan-31


Whitehall Guesthouse was exactly what we were looking for : A family house, where everybody was feeling at home and enjoying an excellent birthday party week end at the same time.

2008 Jan-7


Whitehall Guest House provided us with an incredible weekend getaway. It was the perfect setting for the group, we played beach cricket, explored the shops (such a convenient distance to the main street) had a great dinner party and lots of deep discussions on the balcony.

Even 3 months after the weekend people are still talking about it!

2007 Dec-23


We had a wonderful weekend at Whitehall for my mother’s 80th birthday – six families under the one (very large)roof! There was plenty of space -it was clean and comfortable with a lovely feel of history about it. At one stage we had a group playing table tennis, a group playing cards and a crowd having a sing-a-long all in the one room. And of course it was a huge plus being in Queenscliff which is one of the prettiest towns in Victoria. We definitely plan to go back and we won’t wait till Mum turns 90!

2007 Aug-20


If you are a large group family and/or friends don’t think twice, this is the place! You can come and share a most wondrous time, though until you do it you will just have to take my word, but time will show that it really is such a place. Don’t miss the opportunity.