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Over 800 students a year participate in Marine Discovery Tours

Have you ever wondered what lives at the bottom of Port Phillip Bay? Students will examine creatures from a sample taken from the bottom of Port Phillip and observe their amazing structures that help them survive in the sea. The cruise also visits an Australian Fur Seal haul out site and Australasian Gannet colony in Port Phillip Bay.

We take in excess of 8000 students a year out into Port Phillip Bay. Our two hour educational Biology Tours are specifically designed and run by the Marine Discovery Center for School groups. Ages vary from 5 years old right through to adults.

Wildlife and Ecology Tour Information

Seals on Chinaman's HatThis is a 2 Hour Scenic Tour to Chinaman’s Hat to view Wild Australian Fur Seals and Australasian Gannets at Popes Eye, plus an eco sample discussion.

The Marine Biologist onboard who will cover all areas of Marine Biology syllabus from Prep to Secondary School to University.

"ECO-SAMPLER”  used to gather many forms of marine plant life and dozens of aquatic biota“ECO-SAMPLER”
We use an ‘eco-sampler’ to gather many forms of marine plant life and dozens of aquatic biota.

Including the Wandering Anemone made famous by Nemo, Seahorses, various Sea Stars , Crabs, Colonial Acidian, Reef Fish, Weed Fish, Isopods and dozens upon dozens more specimens to be found.

All specimens are kept in viewing containers with fresh seawater to be passed around amongst the students for that “hands on” feel and experience in learning.

Touch and FeelIt is a fantastic educational experience and completely involves the students with up close and personal viewing of these Marine life forms. A Marine Biologist explains how these various forms of Marine life interact and play a part in the whole ecosystem of Port Phillip Bay. Samples are placed back into the region in which they were found to avoid any impact on the ecology of our fragile bay.

Recommended Groups We accommodate schools/groups/clubs and organisations up to 25 people.

Explore Mud Island!

A unique chance to visit this RAMSAR protected bird sanctury in one of the few boats that can access this place.